An invitation to see beauty in our complicated life stories

Posted by: Naz Laila


I used to think ,

We can define ourselves as either successful or failure.

We feel content with our life or feel empty.

We are either happy or miserable.

We live courageously or in fear.

We are either bold and strong or tender and friable.

We have either beautiful loving relationships or we are a mess.

We are either blessed with a perfect life or we are abandoned and lost.

We either strive or struggle.

Over the last few years with many transforming life experiences my believe has been shifted in a big way…

Now I know,

We can achieve amazing success in our professional life but can still struggle in our personal relationships.

We can be strong and confident to make difficult business decisions yet we can feel vulnerable to share our creativity with the world.

We can feel the fear of uncertainty and the exhilaration of possibilities in the same breath.

We can be heartbroken and scared yet we are capable of inviting more love and joy.

We can be selfless loving parent yet at times fail to show up with utmost sincerity for our partners or friends.

We can feel belonged to a close nit family yet struggle to find our place in the bigger community.

We may get hit hard with failure and feel lost yet we can be grateful for all the life lessons learned in the process and for all the guideposts.

At times our faith can be tested to the core yet the Grace could humble us.

Our life is not either “black” or “white”. It is an imperfect blending of many colours and strokes in the process of creating our unique masterpiece.

With this knowing comes an ease and a shift. An ease to let go the idea of a “successful life” or a “perfect relationship”.  A shift of mindset to see beauty in our complicated, messy, imperfect, ever so evolving and precious life journey.

With Love and gratitude,





Everyday Beauty-colours of tropical Australia

Posted by: Naz Laila

This is a weekly photography series to share the everyday beauty, a process that helps to slow down and appreciate the little wonders around us.

This week I am sharing some gorgeous colours of tropical northern part of Australia. I was in awe when I experienced this beautiful part of Australia.


Paper Flower (Bougainvillea glabra)

Flame tree with bright red flowers like fire on tree

Flame tree

Red, yellow and green , rangan

Green and Red

black and blue butterfly

Beautiful Papillion Ulysses.

vibrant colours

colourful foliage

stunning purple leaves

Heleconium rostrata, the Hanging Lobster Claw


I would love to know what is capturing your attention lately?

Please share with us in the comments.

With Love and Gratitude,



KINDNESS MISSION-A touch of Light and Hope

Posted by: Naz Laila

This post is part of a  Kindness Mission blog circle. Organized by fellow Fly Sister Laly Mille, and inspired by my favourite mixed media artist  Kelly Rae Roberts’ Kindness Mission blog post.

Ever since  we have decided to take part in this project I have been thinking about various ways to spread the act of kindness. I remembered how a small kind act or word have had helped me to bring joy many times. Often those acts were simple but never  insignificant.

I thought about creating inspiring cards, giving away my paintings, writing letters with words of hope and joy. All of them  were great ideas but somewhere my heart was not satisfied. It longed for more of a deeper impact.  So I waited without knowing what I was waiting for .

Then one of my friend shared a story in his Facebook about these two little children with these photos.

When I read their story I knew that the universe/ God has responded to my heart’s desire to make a change , to create an impact.

studying on the footpath , under the street light,.  Photo credit: Smg Cosmic Traveller.

studying on the footpath , under the street light,.
Photo credit: Smg Cosmic Traveller.

These two brother and sister, aged around 10 and 12 , lives in a road side slum in my home town Dhaka.  Their father had died a few years ago and their mom works whole day only to earn enough money to feed them. Still she sends them to a local school, operated by NGOs for poor kids.  These two kids don’t have any electricity at home. The only lamp they have is used by their mother to cook, so they sit under the street lamp and study.  A total stranger once noticed them and came to know about their story. He was so inspired by them that he shared this story on his facebook.

Rest of the story is filled with enormous act of kindness from some really wonderful people. We formed a  facebook group, organized visits to their house, created a plan to raise fund to support their education and also basic day to day needs. I was blown away by the energy of these kind souls and the terrific job they all did. We raised enough funds to get them admitted to a proper school and arranged life long sponsors for them. And all of these people are totally stranger to each other, only thing that united them are empathy and tenderness of their heart.

I arranged to personally speak to them over the Skype and when I saw that beautiful little girl, it made spending all the time and money worthwhile. Her smile showed me that there are hope and joy in her life. She is not alone anymore. She has been touched by the light, the light of love and kindness.

Have you recently experienced kindness?  Share your story of kindness with the us.

With love and grattitude


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“2013”-An amazing adventure of living, loving and embracing uncertainty

Posted by: Naz Laila

This year has been a year when I felt more alive and engaged than ever. It hasn’t been a easy ride but an amazing adventure.


I knew 2013 was going to be a tough year as I was preparing for my final medical specialisation exam. Little did I know that it would be only a part of a multitude of challenges?  Facing a sudden and severe illness of my daughter was the hardest part.

Also pursuing my creative side and sharing that journey was an uncomfortable and vulnerable process.

When my husband also decided to start his journey in online entrepreneurship and continue his full time job, it added another dimension to the challenge we were facing.


I have passed all of my exams and completed my training.

I have now better understanding of my daughter’s illness and have more control over the trigger factors.

I have started and finished a few paintings and have written a few more blog posts.

I have taken the steps to make my blog look nicer and got it designed and custom coded.

We have survived my husband working full time and building online business.  It is still a lot of work in progress but he has met the goals he had.

I have created wonderful connections with a few beautiful creative souls through few online courses.

I have started to nurture my interest and passion for photography by starting a everyday beauty photography series.

As a family we have had more creative time this year than ever.


purple rain

 Behind the Scene:

I tried my best but often felt scared that ‘trying my best” may not be good enough.

I cried, prayed and learned to ask for help.

I practiced courage and held onto my faith when I spent three sleepless night in the hospital with my little girl leading up to my big exam day. I was not sure why I needed to be tested so hardly.

My husband had to work many late nights, early mornings and weekends to build his business. Again we have asked a lot of help from our family and I am very grateful for the wonderful support of my parents.

I have become a little more courageous by watching all my brave, creative friends and was inspired tremendously by their stories.


I have failed to adopt a healthier life style and suffered a few health issues.

I have failed to meet the expectation I had about my blog.

I have often lost my focus when I committed to two online courses at the same time.

I have struggled to establish a good routine for my creative works and myself.


You cannot plan for everything and no matter how hard you try you will always face uncertainty.

Your faith and strength will be tested many times and each time you will grow stronger and wiser.

You need to know the art of asking for help

When you earn your first one dollar from your online business (or art ) it will seem unreal and you will be so excited that you will celebrate by spending 5 times more than what you have earned and that’s fine. It’s an exciting adventure.

You cannot work hours after hours unless you are passionate about something and yet at times you will feel frustrated and want to quit.

To let your intuition guide you is an act of enormous bravery and only by showing up with that much courage you can invite magic to your life.

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Everyday Beauty-Illustration and Cartoons

Posted by: Naz Laila

This is a weekly photography series to share the everyday beauty, a process that helps to slow down and appreciate the little wonders around us.

My girls have been writing up a lot of stories and a few characters are emerging as well. I keep a photo catalogue of their art and craft works.

DSC_0048 DSC_0028 DSC_0040 DSC_0054 photo 5 photo 2-1

I would love to know what is capturing your attention lately?

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