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“The Love affair” that has transformed me

Posted by: Naz Laila

The theme for this month’s blog circle is “Love”. To my surprise I have found this topic the hardest to write about.

I kept thinking “what story should I tell about love that will reflect my personal journey but will still resonate with others , will add some meaning or provoke some thinking?”  The answer was pointing to one specific relationship, the one I wasn’t very comfortable to talk about or write about. So I ignored that answer, tried to come up with other ideas, procrastinated but it didn’t leave me. It became louder and louder till I surrendered to it’s power and purpose.


I have been very fortunate to experience love in many forms, which include growing up in a very close net loving family, experiencing the intense love of my two beautiful girls along with many other treasured relationships. I have always tried my best to respond back with gratitude, acceptance, kindness and unconditional love to all of them.  But it was a totally different picture when it came to show acceptance and kindness to my own shortcomings, my imperfections. I was the hardest critic; I was the most disappointed on myself for not being the best in everything I do, for making mistakes. I failed to show any love to my inner vulnerable self. My unconditional love was only reserved for other people. Then I came across the following quote



Right here, right now, YOU ARE ENOUGH

Posted by: Naz Laila


Right here, right now.

You don’t need

Any more validation,

Any more designation,

Any more awards,

Any more acceptances.