Hi I am Naz , the creator and writer of this blog. This site is inspired by my personal journey from living an average good life to create a remarkable life in my own terms.

This whole process started in late 2011. Up until then I was doing all the usual things that I am supposed to do to become “ successful” and “happy” in life. I worked hard to tick all the boxes and passed a major professional exam in late 2011. I thought that passing that exam would make me happier and more secured but it didn’t. Only then I paused and started to ask questions about the way I was living my life.

Whose definition of success am I following?

How do I define happiness, freedom, and security?

Is there more to life than status quo?

What does it mean to live a remarkable life?

Why majority of us just settle down for “average” when we can have “the best”?

What does it really take to get “ the best”?

How can I step out of the rat race when I feel trapped by my obligations, social judgements and more importantly self doubt?

The quest to the answers was a very uncomfortable and vulnerable process as it challenged my long held conventional teachings and cultural identity. I started to feel the pressing need to make huge changes in my life. I was angry and frustrated, as I felt trapped by my obligations and commitments to make any big change in my life instantly. Over the time I was able to look deeper and realised

I can’t change many situations and facts immediately but I can control how I react to them.

I don’t need to make radical changes overnight but I just need to take gentle small steps to change my life.

As long as I am committed to live my best life, in a gentle way I can shake the convention (that is my gentle rebellion).

The experience has changed my life in ways that I have never imagined. I don’t claim to have found all the answers or become an expert on anything, but I have learned a lot through the ups and down of this journey.  I will share my experience and insights here to help you find your own answers. There is no set destination or milestone to reach but together we can create our best life.  So become a gentle rebel and join the journey.


I have spent first 25 years of my life in Bangladesh (a beautiful small country) and moved to Australia nine years ago to be with my wonderful husband. We became part of the magical world of parenthood with the birth of our beautiful girl eight years ago and two years later another gorgeous girl joined the party. I am a doctor by profession. When I am not looking down the microscope you may find me playing with the paintbrushes or baking cup cakes with my girls.