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An invitation to see beauty in our complicated life stories

Posted by: Naz Laila


I used to think ,

We can define ourselves as either successful or failure.

We feel content with our life or feel empty.

We are either happy or miserable.

We live courageously or in fear.

We are either bold and strong or tender and friable.

We have either beautiful loving relationships or we are a mess.

We are either blessed with a perfect life or we are abandoned and lost.

We either strive or struggle.

Over the last few years with many transforming life experiences my believe has been shifted in a big way…

Now I know,

We can achieve amazing success in our professional life but can still struggle in our personal relationships.

We can be strong and confident to make difficult business decisions yet we can feel vulnerable to share our creativity with the world.

We can feel the fear of uncertainty and the exhilaration of possibilities in the same breath.

We can be heartbroken and scared yet we are capable of inviting more love and joy.

We can be selfless loving parent yet at times fail to show up with utmost sincerity for our partners or friends.

We can feel belonged to a close nit family yet struggle to find our place in the bigger community.

We may get hit hard with failure and feel lost yet we can be grateful for all the life lessons learned in the process and for all the guideposts.

At times our faith can be tested to the core yet the Grace could humble us.

Our life is not either “black” or “white”. It is an imperfect blending of many colours and strokes in the process of creating our unique masterpiece.

With this knowing comes an ease and a shift. An ease to let go the idea of a “successful life” or a “perfect relationship”.  A shift of mindset to see beauty in our complicated, messy, imperfect, ever so evolving and precious life journey.

With Love and gratitude,





Spring Colours

Posted by: Naz Laila

Spring brings out  splashes of colours in nature but every time I think of Spring I think about the colour Yellow. May be its because the first day of spring in Bangladesh is a special day when all the girls and women wear a yellow dress. Young or old, rich or poor, they bring out their yellow dresses. Its such a vibrant scene that just cheers you up. Now it’s been ten years since I have moved to Australia and I still miss that first day of spring in Bengali Calender. Now I indulge myself with the wonderful arrays of spring colours around me. I am sharing some of those spectacular colours  here.

Rose DSC_0333 DSC_0343 white rose DSC_0386 DSC_0494 DSC_0495 pansy poppy



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May you give yourself the permission

Posted by: Naz Laila



May you have the audacity to dream the impossible.

May you believe in your dream even when the world ridicules you.

May you have the courage to surrender and trust the process.

May you embrace the uncertainty with grace and faith.

May you approach every journey with curiosity.

May you let go the fear of judgement and show up with your story.

May you let the power of gratitude transform you.

May you experience the blessings of unconditional love and acceptance.

May you allow forgiveness to mend your broken heart.

May you choose kindness over cleverness.

May you shine with the beauty of your soul.

May you let the colours of butterfly make your heart soar.

May you find joy in the simplicity of a meaningful life.

May you be gentle on your soul when you struggle to overcome failure.

May you give yourself the permission to be the WONDERFUL YOU.


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With Love and Gratitude,