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Posted by: Naz Laila

WORD This blog post is part of a blog circle created by a few amazing creative souls. In this blog circle we are sharing our “Word of The Year” For 2013.

I have never been a fan of New Year resolution or setting up targets to achieve within a certain time frame. However last year has been a huge transformational year for me and as a family we have made quite a few changes in our lives.  Many of the changes were centred around practising “less stuff, more experience”, something I have wished to practice for a while now. This mantra has really helped us to make few important changes and set us on a path to enjoy simple treasures of life.

This experienced has inspired me to take a similar approach for 2013. Just before we started to think about this blog circle, few words kept popping in my head. To my surprise, they seem to be a perfect match for my 2013 word “ENGAGE, EMBRACE, ENJOY”. Each of these words has their own significance but together they form a powerful guiding post for me.

ENGAGE: Before my journey to become a gentle rebel I have been following all the usual rules to win the rat race, didn’t ask many questions. I now know that I was merely existing, I was not living my life. I wasn’t engaged with my life. I gave other people the authority to write my script and just acted accordingly. However, it was a whole different story last year. I questioned many things, changed few rules, faced some of my fears and for the first time I felt I was living my life. I want to take that engagement to a greater extent this year.

  • I plan to ask more questions
  • Face more of my fears
  • Stumble and rise
  • Follow more of my instincts
  • Extend my hand and open my heart more often

EMBRACE: I know living my life with more intention and engagement is going to bring some rewards as well as some challenges. I need to embrace those challenges and face the emotions (fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, vulnerability) they will bring along, rather than trying to avoid them. I have tried to avoid them many times before, only to find them coming back with more strength.

ENJOY: I want to enjoy every bit of my precious life. I believe engaging fully with life and embracing its ups and downs are the essential parts of enjoying this journey. I plan to try my best to make things happen. How at the same time I will also learn to accept that there are many things that will not be in my control.  I hope to slow down and enjoy many magical moments that are often disguised as ordinary things, because I believe in magic.

With love and best wishes for the New Year!


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