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10 Things You Must Quit Today to Have a Better Tomorrow

Posted by: Naz Laila

Top 10 things to quit today  for a better  tomorrow - A gentle rebellion

Top 10 things to quit today for a better tomorrow

  1. Quit paying too much attention to all the negative energy (overly critical boss, spiteful comments from friends, judgemental family members, series of grim events in the news) around you.  They drag you down, drain all your energy and time.  In the process you lose focus on the positive aspects of your life. You only have limited hours in a day, so be cautious to spend it on things that matter the most.
  2. Quit expenses on stuff and experience that don’t add any joy, meaning or purpose in your life. They only clutter your home and clog your mind.  Create more space for simplicity and joyful experience.
  3. Quit the tendency to continuously compare yourself with everybody around you. You will always find somebody smarter, shaper, faster than you at work, somebody with bigger house, better looks or brighter kids among your friends and neighbours. There will be no end to this race. Focus your energy to be the best of you, not better than someone else.
  4. Quit the habit of doing the urgent things first and pushing away the important (but difficult/uncomfortable) thing away till they become urgent
  5. Quit the urge to be in everyone’s good book. This is not only impossible to achieve but also the process of continuously performing to please will leave you feel exhausted, inauthentic and unhappy.  If you live a life of honesty, kindness and authenticity you will develop true connection with the people who really matter in your life.
  6. Quit the habit of prioritising everyone’s need and ignoring yours. You run the risk of accumulating resentment in the process that will manifest after some time and will affect your relationship.  Self care (which is different from self-indulgence) is one of the most important skills you need to master to be part of a healthy and happy relationship.
  7. Quit the “thinking, discussing, reading, planning” mode about your new ideas or projects. Start taking small steps today. All the rest will follow once you start.  You should not start ‘soon’; start ‘now’ to be somewhere different tomorrow.
  8. Quit the urge to be part of everything (all the big projects, exciting assignments, new book clubs, parents groups) and to be everywhere (in real life or in digital world) so that you don’t miss out. If you are part of too many things at one time you are only giving only part of yourself   (energy, focus, interest) to those and eventually you will lose interest in many of them.
  9.  Quit the plan to make multiple big changes at one time or set out for 5 different goals to achieve simultaneously. You will start with great enthusiasm to make all the changes but you are less likely to stick with them for a long period of time and will end up not achieving all of them. Start with one small change and build it up for a while and only then add another one. With this approach you will be slower to reach your goal but you are much more likely to master them and make them work for a long time.
  10. Quit the habit of repeating the same pattern of behaviour, attitude or actions to get different results. To achieve a different result learn from your mistake, analyse what didn’t work in the past and change your actions, approach and attitude.

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